Most Useful GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts

GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts: Do you ever wish that you could change faster or better? If so, learning a few basic computer shortcuts for GIMP will save you time and make your work go more smoothly.

GIMP’s shortcut menu gives users a lot of ways to speed up editing tasks, like changing layers and picture transformations, navigating menus, and running commands. In this blog post, we’ll look at the most useful shortcuts in GIMP and learn how to use them most effectively.

GIMP Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the tools in GIMP are the same as those in Photoshop.

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If you’ve ever used an app for changing photos, you’ll know most of them immediately. They’ll help you choose what to do with the image and its parts and how to connect with them.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
Move ToolMM
Rectangle selection toolRR
Ellipse selection toolEE
Free select toolFF
Scissors select toolII
Fuzzy select toolUU
Eraser toolShift + EShift + E
Select by ColorShift + OShift + O
Crop toolShift + CShift + C
Bucket fillShift + BShift + B
MyPaint BrushYY
Color PickerOO

Note: some tools are grouped so that you will see only some in the tool menu. For example, the Paintbrush group includes Pencil, Airbrush, Ink, and MyPaintBrush. The same applies to the Ellipse selection tool; you can find it with the Rectangular selection tool.

GIMP Additional Selection Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts that will help you choose things differently and deal with different choices. We picked the most common things to do, which are easy to understand.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
Select AllCTRL + ACommand + A
Toggle selectionsCTRL + TCommand + T
Deselect allShift + CTRL + AShift + Command + A
Invert selectionCTRL + ICommand + I
Float selectionShift + CTRL + LShift + Command + L
Select from PathShift + VShift + V

GIMP Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to speed up editing your text or file.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
Crop and ResizeShift + CShift + C
RotateShift + RShift + R
ScaleShift + TShift + T
ShearShift + SShift + S
PerspectiveShift + PShift + P
FlipShift + FShift + F
Dodge or BurnShift + DShift + D
Swap ColorsXX
Default ColorsDD
Undo previous actionCTRL + ZCommand + Z
Redo last actionCTRL + YCommand + Y
CopyCTRL + CCommand + C
CutCTRL + XCommand + X
PasteCTRL + VCommand + V
Paste in placeCTRL + Alt + VCommand + Option + V
Increase Brush Size]]
Decrease Brush Size[[
Show or Hide SelectionCTRL + TCommand + T

Note: The Paste in Place action lets you copy the contents of your clipboard and paste them into a new file in the same place they were in the original file.

GIMP File Keyboard Shortcuts

This part shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts to open and work with different files and images in GIMP.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
Open new fileCTRL + NCommand + N
Open ImageCTRL + OCommand + O
Open Image as new layerCTRL + Alt + OCommand+ Option + O
Open recent image 01CTRL + 1Command + 1
Open recent image 02CTRL + 2Command + 2
Open recent image 03CTRL + 3Command + 3
Create a new image from clipboardShift + CTRL + VShift + Command + V
Save with a new nameShift + CTRL + SShift + Command + S
Close All FilesShift + CTRL + WShift + Command + W
Quit GIMPCTRL + QCommand + Q

Note: The same command can open a recent picture after 03; just change the number to the right one. CTRL (Command) + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

GIMP View and Action Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some computer shortcuts that will help you use GIMP. You can quickly move through its menus, turn on and off its guides or rulers, and change the colour of the background.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
Main MenuF10F10
Drop-down menuShift + F10Shift + F10
Full ScreenF11F11
Toggle quickmaskShift + QShift + Q
Close document windowCTRL + WCommand + W
Shrink wrapCTRL + ECommand + E
Fit image in the document windowShift + CTRL + EShift + Command + E
Toggle rulersShift + CTRL + RShift + Command + R
Toggle guidesShift + CTRL + TShift + Command + T
Clear selectionCTRL + KCommand + K
Fill with Foreground ColorCTRL + ,Command + ,
Fill with background colorCTRL + .Command + .
Fill with patternCTRL + :Command + :

GIMP Dialogs Keyboard Shortcuts

With these tools, you can change the way Dialogs work in GIMP. Dialogues are moving windows showing tool options used for a specific job. Opening the dialogs makes it easy to see and change all of their choices.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
LayersCTRL + LCommand + L
BrushesShift + CTRL + BShift + Command + B
PatternsShift + CTRL + PShift + Command + P
Tool OptionsShift + CTRL + TShift + Command + T
PalettesCTRL + PCommand + P
InfoShift + CTRL + IShift + Command + I
NavigationShift + CTRL + NShift + Command + N
Close the current windowAlt + F4Option + F4
Go to next widgetTabTab
Go to previous widgetShift + TabShift + Tab
Set new valueEnterOption
Activate current button on the listSpace barSpace bar
Toggle between tabsCTRL + Alt + Page upCommand + Option + Page up
Open locationShift + LShift + L
Down folderAlt + Down arrowOption + Down arrow
Up folderAlt + Up arrowOption + Up arrow
Home folderAlt + Home keyOption + Home key
Close current dialogEscEsc

GIMP Layers Keyboard Shortcuts

Layers are an essential part of any picture editing tool. If you do it quickly, you’ll finish your job quickly. What better way to get what you want done soon than to use computer shortcuts? Use the tools in this table to quickly and easily work with layers.

ActionWindows & LinuxmacOS
New layerShift + CTRL + NShift + Command + N
Duplicate selected layerShift + CTRL + DShift + Command + D
Anchor layerCTRL + HCommand + H
Select the layer abovePage upPage up
Select the layer belowPage downPage down
Select the first layerHome keyHome key
Select the last layerEnd keyEnd key
Merge all visible layersCTRL + MCommand + M

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