Eternal Evolution tier list

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This title combines Apex Legends-style heroes with idle strategies and mechanics. It’s all about unlocking your inner power and evolving your warriors into the strongest in the world or even the universe. You ask, “What recruited fighters?” We will cover all the heroes in the Eternal Evolution Tier List, which ranks at the top of the list without considering evolution effects. We have a general list of tiers as there are many classes, from DPS attackers to Supports to Defenders.

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Check out our Eternal Evolution Tier list to see which units rank the highest.

Eternal Evolution tier list

You can see quite a few characters in the top tiers of our Eternal Evolution list. It’s well worth trying them out to find your playstyle. We’ll update this list regularly as new characters are released, and the meta develops.

SCrete, Luke, Bailey Hudson, Poluna, Emma, Nadilus, Bohr, Masrani, Zander, Taylor, Hercules, Daniel, Anpu
AAniruddha, Oak, Serena, Khalazza, Sorietta, Kain Karak, Poluno, Azena, Moriami, Leo, Ravenna, Rickert, Skooer and Hatty, Bot Mark II, Botta, Falvea
B Kuite, Langel, Muka, Murphyro, Prigor, Artas, Hyupnos, Shenwei, Langel, Na Feng, Oisa, Randall, Rez, Sorvaley, Zaida, Guan Yu, Liran, 
C Nagrama, Omar, Rakkana

Eternal Evolution DPS tier list

We’ve separated them into different categories to make it easier for you.

SBailey Hudson, Luke, Nadilus, Poluna
AKhalazza, Omar, Rakkana, Taylor, Zander
BMuka, Murphyo, Orn, Randall, Sorietta
CBot Mark II, Kar Maw

Eternal Evolution support tier list

Here are the top choices for your supporting roles.

AHyupnos, Liran, Serena

Eternal Evolution defender tier list

Do you feel unsafe? These are the top defenders.

ABohr, Hercules, Oak
BKuite, Langel, Oisa

Here is our most recent Eternal Evolution Tier list. Browse our Best Idle Games to discover more games you can enjoy without too much effort.

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