The Clevo NH70 Laptop Review: Full Guide

The Clevo NH70 Laptop Review: Gaming laptops have seen a significant increase in popularity due to the increasing number of graphics-demanding applications and tasks. This is a popular laptop type that consumers buy.

The production of powerful and compact CPUs, as well as graphics. This gives laptop makers an additional advantage to make more gaming laptops. We have selected a gaming laptop that is a real gem. Clevo NH70 gaming laptop.

Check out our detailed review of Clevo’s NH70 gaming notebook.


Clevo ergonomically designs this NH70. The NH70 is made of durable plastic that is sturdy and strong enough to perform daily tasks. This Laptop was intended to be a gaming machine and perform heavy-duty tasks. Even when performing heavy-duty tasks, the ventilated design of this Laptop keeps it cool. The keyboard is excellent for typing long sentences, and being a gaming laptop has RGB backlit keys. This Laptop is lighter than most competitors because of the material that makes up the body.


Clevo’s NH70 gaming notebook features a Full HD 17.3-inch display. It is an LCD panel. The display produces full H.D. 1080p resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate. The colors may not be the best in SRGB rating, but it is still good enough for gaming or other tasks that do not require color accuracy. A higher refresh rate is beneficial for games such as COD and NFS. During testing, we found that the display’s response time was unsatisfactory. We don’t usually expect a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate at this price. We have yet to determine the official manufacturer’s brightness specifications sufficient for indoor gaming and video editing.

Memory and Storage

It is still being determined if the base variant of the Clevo Nh70 is upgradeable. The NVME.2b would be better. We didn’t notice any stuttering when using the Laptop for basic tasks. We recommend that our users upgrade their storage to at least 1 T.B. to run more prominent titles on this Laptop.


We all know that CPUs are the main components of computers. The Intel i7 processor 9750H is installed in this Laptop. The i7 9750 H processor is the fastest in terms of performance. We found that the Clevo Nh70 processor was a beast. The processor can handle CPU-intensive gaming tasks and games without any problems. The laptop temperature remains low while the TDP is kept in check. This processor can also perform well even when gaming with its efficient fans and ventilation.

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It is important to note that the placement of the speakers has been designed for optimal audio quality when watching and playing web series or gaming. Although no audio branding options exist, users can still enjoy one of the most lovely laptops. It does not support high-resolution sound. This could be a problem for pro-users who enjoy professional music.

The Performance of a

Clevo NH70 is equipped with Intel’s top-tier processor Intel Core i7-9750H. Intel’s H-series processors are known for their performance. This processor is a beast in terms of performance. It can handle most daily tasks, such as multiple tabs opened in Chrome, Microsoft Office, and email.

It has six cores and 12 threads with a frequency boost of 4.5GHz. The Nvidia RTX GTX1060 graphics card perfectly complements this massive processor. The Laptop is capable of peak performance, with a TDP of up to 45W. For small tasks, it only draws 35w. It comes pre-loaded with 8Gb DDR4 RAM. We suggest you upgrade the memory. This process handled most games on medium settings in our clevo review. Our tests didn’t see any frame drop when using medium graphics settings. However, frame drops become more severe as we increase the graphic level. We recommend playing Graphics-intensive games on medium settings for the best possible experience.

The Keyboard Touchpad

Clevo’s NH70 keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a bright RGB backlit. This beautiful RGB creates an immersive gaming experience. The keyboard can be easily customized to change the color, rhythm, and speed. We could have gotten better reviews from other companies regarding the typing experience. Essential travel is limited, and critical placement hinders fast and smooth typing.

The Clevo model NH70 has an enormous touchpad in this segment. The Clevo NH70 model offers excellent precision and supports the most recent Windows gestures. The touchpad was accurate and precise even after prolonged usage hours.

Battery Life

Battery life was 3.5 hours for our medium-heavy daily usage. Fast charging allows the battery to be fully charged in 90 minutes. We want to let viewers know that the Laptop can be used at its highest productivity with just the charger connected. The CPU is a giant power hog when performing graphics-intensive tasks.

Our review of the Clevo Nh70 found many positives but only a handful of negatives.


  1. Full HD High-quality LCD Display offers an incredible viewing experience for users.
  2. This Laptop is potent and provides the best value for money.
  3. The build quality of the laptops is excellent. Laptops are made of durable plastic that is suitable for everyday use.
  4. This Laptop weighs less than other laptops of the same price.


  1. This Laptop will start to drop frames dramatically when the graphics are increased.
  2. Base variants come with 8 G.B. of ram, which makes them a very regressive gaming device.
  3. There are no Thunderbolt or Type C P.D. ports. We cannot output ultra H.D. resolution at 8K.
  4. The need for a network of large service centers in the major cities is quite depressing for users using it long term.


Q. In which these Clevo laptops are manufactured?

CLEVO is an electronics manufacturer based in Taiwan that manufactures laptops at its facility.

Q. What other businesses does Clevo have?

It is a company that produces laptop chassis and sells them to multiple companies around the globe.

Q. When was Clevo Electronics founded?

Nan Tan Computers was founded in 1973.

Q. What services are offered by Clevo Service Centres?

Clevo Service Centres are available worldwide, including in China, Taiwan, and North Korea.

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