Most Useful Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful design and graphics programs, but it can take a lot of work to learn all the tips and tricks that make editing jobs easier and faster. That’s why it’s important to know Adobe Photoshop keyboard keys. Keyboard buttons let you avoid having to click and move through menus repeatedly. This speeds up your work so you can do more in less time.

Instead of trying to remember all the keyboard shortcuts you need for Photoshop, you can save this piece and use it as a reference whenever you need to. Keep in mind that Windows and Mac users usually use the same keys. But sometimes, they’re different. If so, both versions will be listed in the piece. In parentheses, you’ll see the one for macOS.

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Preparing Your Work

You should prepare the picture or canvas before working in Photoshop. This will help you get more done. If you use Photoshop often, you should know how to set up a project, but keyboard shortcuts will save you time. Instead of looking for the right tools, you can change the size of your picture, zoom in or out, and scale it by pressing a few buttons on your keyboard. Here are the most basic Photoshop tools that will help you get your work ready:

Preparing Your Work
Change Image SizeCTRL + Alt + iCommand + Option + i
Change Canvas SizeCTRL + Alt + cCommand + Option + c
Zoom InCTRL + +Command + +
Zoom OutCTRL + –Command + –
Scale ProportionatelyHold Shift while selecting an object
Scale in PlaceHold shift + alt (option) while selecting an object
Show RulersCTRL + rCommand + r
Show/Hide the GridCTRL + ‘Command + ‘

Selecting Tools

In Photoshop, the tools you use are grouped. Each group of tools serves a different purpose. For example, under the Object Selection group, you can make a quick selection or use a “magic wand” tool.

Selecting Tools
Move toolvPath Selection tool
Direct Selection tool
Object Selection tool
Quick Selection tool
wHand toolh
Rectangular Marquee tool
Elliptical Marquee Tool
mRotate Viewr
Lasso tool
Polygonal Lasso tool
lPen tool
Freeform Pen tool
Eyedropper tool
Color Sampler tool
iClone Stamp tool
Pattern Stamp tool
Crop tool
Perspective Crop tool
cDodge tool
Burn tool
Eraser tool
Background Eraser tool
eZoom Toolz
Rounded Rectangle
Foreground/Background colors
Horizontal Type tool
Vertical Type tool
tSwitch Foreground/Background colorsx
Brush tool
Pencil tool
bToggle Quick Mask Modesq
History Brush tool
Art history Brush tool
yChange Screen Modef
Spot Healing Brush tool
Healing Brush tool
Gradient tool
Paint Bucket tool

Here’s a list of the most widely used keyboard shortcuts for each tool:

Note: Both Windows and macOS users can use these quick options.

The Brush Tool

For clear reasons, the brush is one of the most used tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Using these tools, you can change the size, shape, and transparency of the brush strokes.

The Brush Tool
Increase size]
Decrease size[
Increase brush hardness}
Decrease brush hardness{
Select previous or next brush style, or .
Display precise crosshair for brushesCapslock
Also Shift + Capslock
Toggle airbrush optionShift + Alt + p (Shift + Option + p on Mac)

The Marquee Tool

It’s easy to make quick, simple choices in Photoshop. But the Marquee tool can do much more than drag and choose. You can use it to pick out parts of your picture or the whole graphic. After making a good selection, you can quickly copy, cut, and paste it to another place, document, or Layer.

Here are some of the most popular shortcuts for the Marquee tool. But first, press the letter M on your keyboard to pick the tool.

The Marquee Tool
Toggle between Slice Tool and Slice Selection ToolCTRLCommand
Draw square sliceShift + drag mouseShift + drag mouse
Draw from center outwardsAlt + drag mouseOption + drag mouse
Draw square slice from center outwardsShift + Alt + drag mouseShift + Option + drag mouse
Reposition the slice while creating itSpacebar + drag mouseSpacebar + drag mouse

Blending Options

Blending styles will make the graphics or image you are working on look better. They decide how the colours mix from one Layer to the next. Some blending choices make small changes, while others can make your graphics look very different.

To choose the blending option, click on Layer> Layer Style > Blending Options in the top menu bar of Photoshop.

Alternatively, you can double-click any layer to bring up the choices for that Layer. There are choices for blending.

You can use the following shortcuts once you’ve brought up the blending choices. But remember first to select the move tool (v) and then click on the Layer you want to change with blending choices.

Blending Options
Toggle different blending modesShift + + and Shift + –Shift + + and Shift + –
Normal modeShift + Alt + nShift + Option + n
DissolveShift + Alt + iShift + Option + i
DarkenShift + Alt + kShift + Option + k
LightenShift + Alt + gShift + Option + g
MultiplyShift + Alt + mShift + Option + m
OverlayShift + Alt + oShift + Option + o
HueShift + Alt + uShift + Option + u
SaturationShift + Alt + tShift + Option + t
LuminosityShift + Alt + yShift + Option + y

Working with Layers and Objects

Manipulating certain items in your graph or multiple layers can be hard work. But these shortcuts make it look like everything is so easy. These are also some Photoshop tools that experts and people who are just starting to use the most.

Manipulating Objects and Layers
Select all objectsCTRL + aCommand + a
Deselect selected objectsCTRL + dCommand + d
Inverse the selectionShift + CTRL + iShift + Command + i
Select all layersCTRL + Alt + aCommand + Option + a
Merge all layersCTRL + Shift + eCommand + Shift + e
Select top layerAlt + .Option + .
Select bottom layerAlt + ,Option + ,
Select next layer down or upAlt + [ or ]Option + [ or ]
Move target layer down or upCTRL + [ or ]Command + [ or ]
Move selected layer to the bottom or topCTRL + Shift + [ or ]Command + Shift + [ or ]
Create a new layerShift + CTRL + nShift + Command + n
New layer via copyCTRL + jCommand + j
New Layer via cutCTRL + Shift + JCommand + Option + j
Group selected layersCTRL + gCommand + g
Ungroup selected layersCTRL + Shift + gCommand + Shift + g
Merge and flatten selected layersCTRL + eCommand + e
Merge selected layers on top of the other layersControl + Shift + Alt + eCommand+ Shift+ Option + e
Free Transform objectsCTRL + tCommand + t
Undo last actionCTRL + zCommand +z
Undo multiple last actionsCTRL + Alt + zCommand + Option + Z

Saving Your Photoshop Document

Lastly, look at the Photoshop tools you can use to save your work. It will be fine if you finish it. If you save your work as a Photoshop (PSD) file, you can always return to it.

Save your Photoshop Work
Save asCTRL + Shift + sCommand + Shift + s
Save for Web and DevicesCTRL + Shift + Alt + sCommand + Shift + Option + s

Even if you’re starting with this software, learning and practising these important key commands can make a big difference in how long it takes to change complicated images. Don’t worry if it takes a while to remember a certain trick, though. Practice makes perfect!

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