A Look Into India’s Olympic Sports History

India is preparing for its first Olympics after almost a century of being a budding sports country. While the notion of the Indian Olympic games may have been far fetched to many fans of the games, there has been a constant growth in the level of participation by the people in these games. More importantly, the level of interest shown by the people towards the games is truly inspiring.

In earlier days, people were not very enthusiastic about the games. However, with time, as the Indian people got interested, the level of enthusiasm for the games too increased and people started preparing all possible means to get tickets for the games. The exponential growth in the number of people taking part in the games gave a new meaning to the concept of sports tourism. Today, India is well-known for hosting the Asian games, the Olympics and the football world cup once every four years.

India’s proud footballing history is the main reason behind the popularity of the games. India won the first ever Asian Football World Cup in 1994 and has been playing international football for almost twenty years now. The football world cup was held in India in its famous home ground, the Indian National Stadium in Ayurveda. The Indian people have always been a major influence on the footballing world and this trend is going to continue in future too.

India has always been known for its martial arts and a lot of sportsmen from India have become world class athletes. There are a large number of athletes who have won medals in various games including the Olympic games. India is home to Olympic champions in the boxing, wrestling and fencing events. These events have made India a leading nation in sports.

With the growing popularity of these games, the infrastructure of the country too has improved to a great extent. With better transport system and modern airports in India, it has become easier to access any part of the country. Also, the government has taken special initiatives to improve the level of organization and management of these sports. These initiatives have made the infrastructure of these sports much better and this has led to a tremendous increase in the level of participation by the people.

The infrastructure of the venues and the sports venues do not let the people inside during the games. But once they are inside and enjoy the games, there is no need to worry as the staffs take care of them well and provide them with proper accommodation. Overall, the people can say that the attitude of the Indian people towards the Olympic games is very good and they are ready to work so hard to achieve the goal.


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