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Saudi Attack

Attack on Saudi oil field will change the Game Plan in Gulf confrontation

The strike on the-world’s biggest petroleum processing plant early Saturday dawn is actually a stunning upsurge in the confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia — if the Iranians did not … Read More

Portfolio Change Management

Portfolio Change Management and What You Should Be Doing Different

Besides managing risks, a portfolio manager also needs to supply reserves or contingencies important to portfolio risk administration. If you locate a competitor with a fantastic portfolio, bookmark it and … Read More

Organizational Change Management Software

Organizational Change Management Software

Organizational Change Management Software Help! A manager attempting to implement a change, however small, should expect to encounter some resistance from inside the organization. Individual change management requires understanding how … Read More

chandrayaan 2

Top Chandrayaan-2 : India’s Orbiter-Lander-Rover Mission Choice

What makes the present mission from the ordinary is it will the very first space mission to perform a soft landing on the moon’s South Polar region. Well, they’ll be … Read More